First South Pole Landing

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This fascinating book tells the story of the first airplane to land at the South Pole as told to the author by the two men who were the pilots of the record-making flight in a ski-equipped R4D twin-engine Douglas airplane. Both pilots describe the landing and take-off of the October 31, 1956 landing, the first time men had stood at the South Pole since 1912. The author was flying an R4D, owned by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, on the air show circuit, during the time she interviewed LCDR "Gus"Shinn and Captain "Trigger" Hawkes. Books are available from the author: call 302-325-2718 or Janflyo2@aol.com, $32 includes mailing. The book has 82 pages, including numerous illustrations and supporting documents.

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From Delaware To Everywhere

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This profusely illustrated book, written by a pilot, describes the aviation history of the New Castle County Airport, from its beginnings, up to present times.

FROM DELAWARE TO EVERYWHERE was named a 2008 National winner in the annual National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) Communications Contest. Churchill's book received second place for non-fiction/history. Churchill was awarded First Place in Delaware for non-fiction/history in 2007. The National Contest was open only to first place winners in the state contests across the U.S.

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Hit My Smoke

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From the Back Cover

“SOMEWHERE IN THE vicinity of every tactical airstrike in South Vietnam lurked the Forward Air Controller in his O-1 (or later, O-2, or still later, OV-10) aircraft. The FAC provided positive control of the strike, and no bomb could be dropped or gun fired until so cleared by the Man What Am In Charge.

Down low and slow, the FACS could see the ground situation, evaluating and deciding what was needed and where. They maintained coordination and approval from local authorities. They were the eyes and ears of the fighter pilots, who could not have operated effectively without them.

The FACS were...well...different. Flying alone in their underpowered, overloaded airplanes, exposed almost constantly to anyone on the ground armed with so much as a slingshot, they went at their hazardous duty with a zealous and sometimes reckless abandon that earned them respect such as was accorded to very few. (From “What the Captain Means: A Song of the In-Country Air War, copyright 1989, William F. “Toby” Hughes. Used with permission. Captain Toby Hughes, F-4C Aircraft Commander, 557th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Cam Ranh Bay Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, 5 September 1967 - 13 August 1968.)

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Classified Secret

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Controlling Airstrikes in the Clandestine War in Laos, has a cover painting from an original oil from the author’s collection by Don Doheny. Don captures a mission directed by a USAF Combat Controller in a Pilatus Porter flown by a CIA contract pilot. The Combat Controller is directing an airstrike in a F-105 flown by Ben H. Allen in his “Lone Star Special.” Ben Allen (“Yogi Bear”) comments: Jan, thanks for telling our part of SEA.

From the Back Cover

Jan adds another exciting story to the saga of FACS in Southeast Asia, Sergeants controlling airstrikes that would shock the bureaucracy of the Air Force!” Brigadier General John F. Flanagan, author of “Vietnam Above the Treetops.”

“The enlisted Forward Air Controllers were a vital link that we needed.” Lieutenant General William P. Yarborough, author of “Bail Out Over Africa.” General Yarborough also said, “CLASSIFIED SECRET is something that provides a professional look at an aspect of the Southeast Asian military adventure that not many historians are equipped to address. Jan writes beautifully and with the authority of one who really knows the game.”

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On Wings To War

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ON WINGS TO WAR by Jan Churchill tells the story of the first women to fly for the U.S. military.
Teresa James was one of the original WAFS (Womens Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron) that was assembled by Nancy Love in September 1942 at New Castle Army Air Base in Delaware. Teresa began her flight career as a flight instructor and air show pilot in the 1930s. During the war, she married one of her students who was a B-17 pilot. He was killed in a B-17 crash in France. Her husband’s death was not confirmed by the War Department. Forty years passed until Teresa returned to France and found out what really happened to her husband.

ON WINGS TO WAR tells the story of the WAFS who became WASPs in August 1943, and about their flying until they were disbanded, suddenly, on 20 December 1944. It is an emotional story as it describes how the women left their homes to fly for their country with no military recognition accorded to them. The book is profusely illustrated.

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The New Labrador Retriever

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THE NEW LABRADOR RETRIEVER by Janet I. Churchill (Macmillan Co 1995) This book, now out of print, is still available from the author, aka Jan Churchill.

For many years the author bred and showed some of the world’s top Labradors. Churchill has been an AKC (American Kennel Club) judge of Labradors since 1972. Chapters cover The Early Labrador history, the Labrador in America, color and genetics, various disease and ailments, your breeding program and a discussion of the breed standard.

From the Back Cover

There are many good reasons that the Labrador Retriever ranks at the top of America’s purebred dog popularity ratings. In THE NEW LABRADOR RETRIEVER, you can consider all the reasons people love Labs–their wonderful temperament, “no frills” good looks, eagerness to please, and modest grooming requirements. Add to this a well-researched presentation on the Labrador’s origins and development, the breed’s numerous achievements as a personal shooting dog, field and obedience trial dog, and top show winner, and you begin to savor the kind of all-encompassing book this is.

There are wonderfully enlightening chapters on genetics, breeding, and puppy rearing along with others on the Labrador hunting dog and how to prepare your dog for work in the field. The Labrador’s versatility is a source of great pride to all friends of the breed. Here are showcased some of the Labrador’s special talents as a bomb and drug detector, a guide dog, and a treasured companion to all who are physically challenged. Every subject of importance to Labrador owners and admirers is included in this outstanding new book by one of America’s foremost authorities.

The peerless text is matched to a magnificent gallery of beautiful photos. Here will be found the great Labs that bring in the wins, the birds, assure safety, and brighten the lives of everyone in their family circles. Truly there is as much pleasure in the looking, as in the reading, in this important, informative book.

If Labrador Retrievers have an important place in your life, THE NEW LABRADOR RETRIEVER merits am equally important place in your library.

Janet I. Churchill is one of America’s most respected authorities on the Labrador Retriever. She is a successful breeder, expert judge, and prolific writer on the Lab and has worked directly with her dogs on the bench, in the field, and in obedience competition. A true renaissance person, she is the ideal author for this book.

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